While Another Igbo Youth Was Breaking Medical Record, Peter Obi’s Supporters Are Dancing Naked at the Market Square

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At the time an Igbo youth, Dr. Uchechi Iweala, was breaking a medical record as one of the first spinal surgeons in Maryland, United States for performing a successful navigated lumbar spinal fusion using a robot, some low-life scumbags of around same age flooded the street of Port Harcourt dancing naked in support of the lie-laced, incompetent Peter Obi, with one among them wearing pampers and behaving like someone who has just suffered an epileptic spasm, and thus mocking his parents and grandparents while thinking such was directed at Bola Tinubu who has seen it all.

Watching the video, I felt nothing but pity for how trivial and petty this generation of youths have taken political campaigns which ordinarily should have been issue based.

They moved around singing what best depict their aimless wandering on the street at the time other responsible youths were already busy at their places of work

But what do we expect of the dolts in the first place? What do we expect of people who wake up their parents in the morning with a kick from their left foot?

What do we expect of the ill-trained miscreants who wake early only to stretch their hands in handshakes to greet their parents?

What do you expect of the children of squalor who call their elders, and even their parents, in their first name. What exactly do we expect of the mudslingers who hate Bola Tinubu with so much venom laced with ethnic colouration.

Abubakar Atiku had gone to Germany to seek medical attention for weeks just after the PDP primary, Tinubu hasn’t. Yet Atiku is strong and Tinubu is the sick one.

And while they were busy mocking the maker of a new Lagos, their political leaders who have not been able to make a Lagos out of their own Land but only squander their common patrimony, are saints and of no sin.

While they tell us Tinubu owns half of Lagos, their own Peter Obi who invested his State’s funds to the tune $12.42M dollar into his personal business, which later got depleted to $5.43M, is the best manager of men and resources who deserves to be made the President of Nigeria.

While they told us Tinubu is sick and unhealthy, this same man hasn’t gone to hospital for once despite all the rigours of the APC presidential primary and the unceasing crisscrossing of every nooks and crannies of the world in scheming and consultations. And just yesterday, he was still with Goodluck Ebele Jonathan soliciting for support.

Their original hatred is to Yorubas, but they are smart enough and careful to hide that venomous hatred to make it look like their only target is Bola Tinubu. History has it that Awolowo too had a doze of their hatred. You can see the venom, insults and hate with which they attack Tinubu and Yorubas online. We all can see it, even though we swallow them with our superior maturity.

Most of these boys dancing naked on the streets and mocking their parents are Igbo youths from different SE states. They have unperforming State governors who have forced them away from their land to seek greener pastures mostly in Tinubu’s Lagos and Wike’s Port Harcourt, yet their governors are their heroes while Tinubu is their problem.

When last did you see them painting an Ikpeazu, a Soludo or Umahi in such bad lights? Or are we saying all these people are saints including Peter Obi? It’s not difficult to see how extremely tribalistic they are.

But what is our offence? Why do we deserve such venomous hatred from them? Could that be the reward we deserve for accommodating them and giving them a breath of new life in our land? It was on record that these people stoned Awolowo in Aba during the First Republic. The stone hit his head, and it was Awo’s cap that saved the impact.

This time, they are prepared to rubbish us, our land, our leaders and even our heritages. And this why the Yorubas should wake up. We should be able to see their bigger conspiracy of trying to discredit one of our own while concealing the ills of their own society and leaders. While these people have decided to play rough, we are not expected to sit down idle and allow them overun us.

© Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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