Why Russia is Justified to Attack Ukraine? – Opata Igbo

by Fatai Alimi
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Biden Vs Putin

An Enugu born President of Save The Nigerian Youths Organization, Opata Igbo, has reiterated that Russia has every justification to attack Ukraine, because it is only defending its territory against external aggression.

Opata stated this in a facebook post on Wednesday, where he gave a detailed explanation of why Russia could not be faulted in its ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

According to him, in the 1960s, US invaded Cuba, a USSR ally, because Soviet Union wanted to build military bases in Cuba. The invasion, he said, brought about the Cuba missile crisis.

Biden vs Putin

He continued that the America’s reason for the attack then was to prevent the USSR, a perceived enemy state, from having accessible distance to launch easy attack on the American soil, as Cuba is just few miles away from the United States.

Fast forward to 2022, Ukraine now want to join NATO in a relationship that would give the America and NATO every right to build a military base in Ukraine. How possible?

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Opata noted that it will be suicidal for Russia to have allowed Ukraine have a relationship that would allow NATO and US build a military base in Ukraine. This will mean that Russia has surrounding itself with enemies.

“Putin is not stupid. As it stands now NATO and US are unable to launch direct attack on Russia because of the distance. Putin knows that if NATO and US enters Ukraine and establish military base there Russia is finished,” he emphasized.

Additionally, Opata noted that by accepting Ukraine as a member, NATO and US would be breaching the 1990 treaty which prevents NATO and US from expanding eastwards from the then East Germany.

“But today NATO and US are doing exactly the opposite of the 1990 treaty. They are almost everywhere in Europe including Croatia, Poland and other places that are closer to Russia,” he said. Putin had been complaining ever since when those expansions began. No one listened.

He concluded by saying that getting closer to Russia through Ukraine means NATO and US missiles can directly hit Russia. Russia will never accept this even if heavens will fall.

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