Yoruba Ronu – Before You Sell The Rights of Your Region For A Piece of Ignorance

by Fatai Alimi
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Yoruba Ronu

You call yourself a Yoruba man, but you are the one championing the denigration of your own Bola Tinubu while 99% of the Ndigbo rally round their paperweight Peter Obi under the Mushroom Labouring Party, even as he carried a large junk of Anambra State funds to invest and boost his own business and personal company, NEXT.

More sad is that It is also on record that Resident Doctors under the watch of this man as Anambra governor were on strike for 13 months, yet they want me to believe he is the one that will turn around the fortune of Nigeria, my country. What a trash!!

But some Yoruba people are now full of rage that Tinubu, who is from the South, has chosen another Muslim from the North as his Vice, and as a result, should be brought down by any means possible. They will tell us they are not against the Muslims because they voted for Yaradua and Buhari, but the fact is that they are now against the interest of Yoruba all because the North has decided to thrust forward a Muslim to deputize a Southern Muslim.

Little did these people realize that the political arrangement is that of South and North, and actually not of religion. The religion side of it was created by lazy politicians who see such loophole as an easy way to curry political sympathy, relevance and favour from the unsuspecting populace. They are playing the religion card and it seems to be working in their favour, because many of us could not see beyond our noses. More dangerous is the fact that they now see their fellow Yoruba man, a Tinubu who has worked with many Christians like Fayemi and Osinbajo and used his political platform to elevate them without considering their religion, and who has married a Pastor and lived with her for 40 years, as a threat based on their own religion. Nothing could be more unfortunate!

What some tribes are killing their own tribesmen to protest is what some of these misinformed Yoruba youths are preparing to throw away without seeing a larger benefit of having the president from their region? Imagine the number of Directors of Yoruba extraction in the Federal Ministries and agencies that will be favoured; imagine the number of federal government projects that the influence of the President will bring to the South! University of transportation is in Daura today because of the presidential influence, it is sure that only a few of our children would be able to attend this school because of the distance. If it was located in Osogbo or Akure or Ishagamu, don’t you know a lot of our people will be employed?

We have to think of the larger benefit of having the president. I just don’t know why they feel an Atiku or Obi would be better than a South-westerner. The post of a president is second to none and it is more reason we have to use the opportunity. If we fail this time, It may take another 32 years for Yoruba to have a shot at the presidency.

Those who started the religion card and those who fall for such antics, and now feel we should throw the baby away with the bath will wake up one day to realize how bad they have succeeded in dividing us. I know that one day someone from their own very families would also need the support of everyone – Muslim, Christian and the traditional believers – to advance his political course, but then we will be glad to tell him to go back to his church members only to seek support. What goes round surely comes around as the saying goes. Oju lopesi, ipade o jina. People may die, but History does not. And the internet does not forget also.

Yoruba Ronu! Yoruba Ronu!! Yoruba Ronu!!!

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