BREAKING: After Unfair and Undemocratic Treatment, Osun House of Reps Aspirant, Michael Olugbile, Dumps APC; To Announce Political Move Soon

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Dr Olugbile Michael

After being treated unfairly by the leadership of Osun State APC in the last primary election where a winner was installed rather than elected, a House of Representatives Aspirant for Odo-Otin/Ifelodun/Boripe Federal Constituency in Osun State, Dr Michael Olugbile, popularly known as DMO, has dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Olugbile made this known in a statement released in his official Facebook page on Tuesday.

DMO, a havard trained development expert, who had been in APC since inception and has contested the House of Representatives position on three consecutive times as aspirant, was helplessly made to dump the party when the power that be in the ruling party forced him to surrender his aspiration by favouring a certain fellow contestant by submitting his name to the INEC as the party’s House of Rep candidate through a primary that produced no clear winner and the result not even announced nor monitored by INEC officials.

In his letter of resignation, Olugbile said: “It’s with mixed feeling that I write to inform you that after many days and weeks of consultation with different stakeholders, I have decided to resign my membership of APC. Last Sunday, I was at my ward meeting one more time to say thank you to party members for their support over the years before tendering my membership resignation letter from APC.

Olugbile lamented the unfair treatment meted upon him by the Osun state APC echelon and, as a result, decided to seek his political ambition elsewhere.

He said, “Having being part of APC since inception, it was indeed an emotional moment to say goodbye for now to this family and political associates with whom I have built good relationship over the years. While it was a difficult decision, the political assignment I have at this time requires a platform which as God planned it, couldn’t be APC at this time.

Explaining his reasons for the unavoidable resignation, Olugbile provided a detailed explanation of the daylight political robbery in the guise of a kangaroo primary election targeted at killing his political ambition without following the ideal democratic tenets.

He wrote: “The worst of it all is the fact that there were no INEC officials present to monitor the shambolic election, there was no collation of results at the LGA level and at the Federal Constituency level. There was no designated returning officer that will announce the collated results. The ‘collation center’ was in the State Government House and there was no way to verify which results were sent there. Even some Ward Chairmen still have their ‘results’ with them unsubmitted as at today since there was no clear guideline on what to do with the results. “Since there was no returning officer, some aspirants started announcing their own fabricated results and began declaring themselves as winners! It was truly a “yam -pepper-scatter- scatter situation”.

“Unfortunately, as at today there is still no formal announcement of the ‘result’ (and I bet, there can’t be), neither has there been any meeting with aspirants by the leadership of the party to let us know who they have “selected” as the candidate of the party. However, for my constituency, there are rumors that the party has selected the aspirant who first collated and declared himself as the winner.”

By not announcing the result or the selected candidate, the party has deprived aspirants a fair opportunity to make an appeal to the intra-party post-primary election appeal committee.

Olugbile, thereby, notified his teeming supporters to be on the watchout for his next political move, as he is certain to be on the ballot as a House of Representatives candidate in the forthcorming 2023 general elections.

See The Letter Below:

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