Dancing Security Guards: Chicken Republic Reacts to the Sack Report

by Fatai Alimi
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Chicken Republic, a major fast food restaurant in Nigeria, has denied the report that some two dancing Security guards in one of its branches in a viral video circulating online have been fired by the company, saying such report is incorrect.

In a tweet on its verified Twitter handle, the restaurant explains that the guards are officials of a private security company which Chicken Republic outsourced for security services, and that they have no power to sack the guards.

It should be recalled that a certain clip circulating on internet captured some two guards dancing beautifully and coherently in their uniform while on duty at one of the Chicken Republic stores. Their beautiful display attracted the attention of many Nigerians on social media who feel extremely excited about them.

However, the subsequent report that the two guys have been sacked for dancing while on duty has drawn the anger and resentment of Nigerians towards the popular restaurant.

While many simply felt that the Chicken Republic could have used the clip to market its brand and thus condemned the alleged sack of the guards, some were extremely turned off to such an extent that they vowed never to patronize the restaurant again. The third set of the aggrieved are those who publicly demand for the contacts of the guards and promised to provide them with another employment.

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But Chicken Republic on Friday denied that the two guards have been sacked.

In a statement on the company’s Twitter handle, it said, “It is disappointing that some people may have the impression that Chicken Republic fired these security guards for dancing in our stores, this is not true, and hence, we need to set the record straight.”

The company revealed that the guards are officials of a private security company whose services were outsourced by Chicken Republic.

It stated further that, “When the management of the private security company saw the two security guards dancing in the video, they had concerns that the security officers, whilst dancing, were not necessarily conducting their duties responsibly and as such, were probably not fully focused on their core responsibility, which is your safety and your security.”

Chicken Republic explained that they have followed up with the security company, and that they have been assured that the security guards have not been fired.

Chicken Republic now assured Nigerians that it would ensure that the two guards get fair treatment and the respect they deserve.

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