King Saheed Osupa Not Betrayed by Barry Showkey As He Explains What Really Happened in America

by Opeyemi Alimi
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The United States of America based Son of Late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, the Fuji Music creator, Adewale Akanji, simply known as Barryshowkey, has debunked the rumour claiming that he abandoned King Saheed Osupa to his fate and pitch tent with Shina Akanni, another great fuji musician, saying he has betrayed no one.

According to reports, Osupa who is currently on a musical tour in the USA did not receive, as expected, the utmost support and attention from the son of Mr Fuji who is a resident of the country. He was said to be busy with, Akanni, another Fuji musician from Nigeria.

As gathered from a source close to Saheed Osupa, the Fuji music star believed he was betrayed and abandoned by his supposed brother from Ibadan who was supposed to be there for him during his tour.

Barryshowkey has, however, debunked the news and revealed it was nothing but lies because he did not betray anyone.

In his words, Barryshowkey explained that Osupa did not inform him when he arrived in the States, adding that he only got to know about his arrival on social media.

The son of Mr Fuji noted that one thing about him is that he has learnt how to mind his businessman and he does not poke nose into other people’s affairs which it was the reason why he choose to stay on his own.

L-R: Saheed Osupa, Barryshowkey, and Shina Akanni

Akanji stressed that, on the issue of Shina Akanni, he was informed by the legendary Fuji music star when he arrived which is why he tried his possible best to search for his place and made sure that he kept his company.

Stressing further, Barryshowkey noted that he believed Aare Shina Akanni valued his companionship, that is why he stayed around him during his sojourn in America.

“I have no issue with anyone, and I operate within the confine I am given with people remember we do the same trade, and if a colleague needs you, he surely knows the best way to go about it,” Barryshowkey concluded.

Meanwhile, reports suggested that Saheed Osupa was angry because Barrister’s son helped Akanni but stylishly left him to his fate. The source is quoted as saying “Barryshowkey who is based in the US used his influence to get occasions where Akanni performed during his recent show in the US and abandoned him.”

Shina Akanni, on the other hand, gave his side of the story, condemning Saheed Osupa’s claim. He revealed that Barryshowkey did not give him the avenue to perform on any occasion when he visited America.

Akanni stressed that he did inform Barryshowkey about his arrival when he travelled to the US and he came to where he performed but he never helped him get a place to perform and he did not get any engagement.

The legendary Fuji musician disclosed that he had all his plan in place before he embarked on the US journey.

At the time of filling this report, all effort to get in touch with Osupa did not yield a positive response.

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