Man Falls Off Container-Carrying Truck, Survives by a Whisker (Video)

by Fatai Alimi
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A man has survived luckily a fall from a container-carrying truck, after he was inadvertently thrust off the container by the stems of a roadside tree that has over-grown above the road.

In a viral video that was circulating on internet, the man, who was dangerously hanging on top of the container and backing the direction of the truck, suddenly got thrusted off the container by the over-grown stems of the roadside trees.

He helplessly fell on the middle of the road, but was lucky not to have been crushed by an oncoming vehicle.

This has again shown that the highway is not a place to joke with. Every road users need to be vigilant and always be on high alert to ensure that the road is safe for all. This guy was careless, and he paid for it dearly. He had to be very lucky to have survived the fall.

Watch the video below:

A forced fall from a container-carrying truck

A careless man fell off a container-carrying truck and only survived by a whisker

Posted by News In Naija on Thursday, March 31, 2022

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