Video: Commercial Bike Rider Wows Three Asian Guys And Onlookers With Incredible Martial Arts Skills on the Street of Africa

by Fatai Alimi
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A commercial bike rider, popularly known in Nigeria as Okada rider, has caused a lot of excitement to the passerbys and on-lookers after he started displaying his martial arts skills to impress some three Asian guys buying roasted meat, widely known as Suya, by the roadside of an unspecified location in Cameroon.

In a TikTok video now circulating on internet, the man who was visibly dressed as a bike rider was excited to see three Asian guy coming to the roadside to buy some roasted meat, and on sighting them, he decided to impress them with his skills of the martial arts.

The guy was jumping, somersaulting and twisting himself in the air while immitating the legendary Jackie Chan of the household Chinese films of those days.

The Asians seemed to be extremely impressed and were looking at him with rapt attention, while other passer-bys and onlookers were also looking with consumate amusement.

Watch the video below:

Okada Man Displaying His Martial Arts Skills on Sighting Three Chinese on the street

An Okada Man showing off his martial arts capability on sighting three Chinese People on the street of Africa

Posted by News In Naija on Thursday, March 31, 2022

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