PDP Chieftain Reveals What Happened At Aso Rock The Night The Senate Stopped Obasanjo’s Third Term Bid | Read

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Coordinator of the PDP Presidential Campaign in the South East, Chief Dan Ulasi has disclosed how the Senate stop former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s third term bid.

The PDP Chieftain in an interview on AIT today revealed that the Aso Rock was like a burial ground the night the Senate killed Obasanjo’s third-term presidency bid.

In his own words as seen on AIT:

“Obasanjo did the third term bid. I was very close to him, each time I visited Abuja then I had free access to the village. He wanted my discussion and we hold serious discussions. So when they started the third term bid, it was Ken Nnamani and the speaker then, Masari who is now the governor of Katsina state who invited me. That they always saw me in the villa and what is this third-term bid they were hearing? I told them I don’t know and honestly, I didn’t know. Then I went to meet Mr president himself and he swore to the high heavens that he didn’t know anything about it.”

“It was until the same speaker and president of the Senate called me and told me that money is being shared in the National Assembly, which if you can remember some members of the national assembly then brought back the money they were given to the house. There was what they give in NNPC, they call it LPFO, if you are given either 25 milligrams or kilograms of it, then we made about 300k dollars from it. They gave it all to one Kano businessman, and he handed over to them $600m and that was the money they were sharing in the National Assembly.”

“Some were given $500k, some were given $1m, they were just sharing the money. But then he was on board the presidential jet from Paris to Abuja when the senate stopped his third term bid. If you came into the Villa that night, it was uncomfortably quiet. And this was someone who pretended like he didn’t know what was happening and wasted over $600m of Nigerian money.”

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