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The Presidential campaign rally held in Lagos on Monday 5th of December 2022 has come and gone with a very antagonizing and horrifying experience for the masses of Lagos PDP.

Masses of the party trooped out to welcome their next President, H. E. Atiku Abubakar but met an event poorly managed and about the worst in our recent history of Presidential campaign rallies in Lagos State. This is definitely the worst rally in the history of the Lagos State PDP.

We remember how gammed parked this same TBS was during other Presidential rallies up until even 2019 which all had a massive turnout of members. The rally shows the fraud in selecting JANDOR as the gubernatorial candidate. He openly boasted that he had millions of followers across the State.

Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar

Why weren’t these members present at the venue? The rented APC members of the scam LAGOS 4 LAGOS movement that he used during his declaration have all returned to their party. We also wonder why the N15m followers from Funke Akindele’s Instagram account were not mobilized to TBS.

JENIFA should have at least tried to mobilize 100,000 from her N15m support base used as a reason to sell her to PDP. Apart from some scanty banners placed at the venue, the duo of JANFUNEKO was practically non-existent at the venue! All the unpopular candidates that were imposed on Lagos PDP by JANDOR were not present to showcase themselves. Isn’t this a shame at the party?

Jandor and Funke Akindele

The Chief dictator of Lagos State PDP, ADENIRAN ABDUL-AZEEZ (JANDOR) sprung into action by usurping the roles of the Presidential Campaign Committee by making sure funds were handed over to him as Vice-chairman of the committee. JANDOR perfected this with the connivance of his cohorts, Director of Strategy, Seun Soyinka, and the PDP National Organizing Secretary and PCC Field Director, Mohammed Umar Bature.

The NOS ensured that funds were released to JANDOR in defiance of laid down disbursement procedures from the National PCC. The question being asked is if BATURE DID THIS IN OTHER STATES? JANDOR went ahead to plan the event and distribute funds at his own discretion thus making it difficult for other members of the committee to function in the capacities entrusted to them.

He changed all traditional vendors known to the party and used them in planning past more successful rallies for his cronies and ensured that the masses of the party suffered beyond imagination. That faithful Monday has now been tagged by many party members have “Black Rally Monday”. What a shame upon us as a party and even the Presidential campaign train that visited Lagos State?

We gathered that the transportation cost was the first way to siphon the funds. The monies paid for 1200 LAGBUS should be accounted for. Since JANDOR blamed Lagos State Government for not releasing the LAGBUS that had been paid for, the monies must resurface without delay. Attempts of also accusing MC Oluomo of not allowing the bus passage in some areas are kiddish! JANODR should have expected such treatment if he had planned his own State rally as a gubernatorial candidate or had handled/managed a rally of the magnitude in the party he came from! Members were transported in rickety coaster buses many of which broke down on the way to the venue.

The criminality in reserving buses for *NON EXISTENT LAGOS FOR LAGOS* members was a ploy by the managers at the JANDOR Legacy House to steal our money. After reserving the buses for their members across the State, their scanty membership base still made use of buses reserved for PDP members. This is the scam of the highest degree and why we have also referred to JANDOR as a scam! In Ikeja, the State Publicity Secretary spearheaded the plan and ensured that 20 coaster buses were reserved for this plan.

The cost of hiring those buses that were never seen across Ikeja LGA and the mobilization funds for each of the 20 buses have to be accounted for and shared with the members of the LGA! This scam was repeated across the 20 LGA so we can only imagine to the humongous amount that has been stolen in the name of LAGOS FOR LAGOS. The hardship meted on the masses of Lagos PDP will be visited on the children of all those that planned the torture and caused such excruciating hardship and disappointment to our members. People were left out to dry in the hot sun when Millions allocated for feeding and security had been stolen by the greedy LAGOS FOR LAGOS managers!

Without any form of refreshment provided all our party members were left hungry and the mobilization of N1,000.00 per member was not paid to them after the event. How could these greedy planners even contemplate allocating such an amount per member? Members have been totally demoralized and frustrated. The little hope left in them has been killed by a few leaders whose pass time is to depress the physique of loyal and devoted members of the State. The N7,000,000 (N7m) allocated for water disappeared into thin air.

That amount would have provided each member present at least 2 bottles of water. At the rate of N850 per crate, 8,235 crates would have been bought. That would have provided 98,823 bottles. With the promise to mobilize 35,000 people, each member would have drank 2.8 bottles of water. Again, N5,500,000 (N5.5m) was allocated for snacks is the height of wickedness. Regardless, that figure would have given each of our members 2 gala each! Millions allocated for security, ushers, and other vital aspects of the campaign were also mismanaged. A particular vendor and member of the party who has always handled ushering was sidelined for a JANDOR favorite.

Alas, not one usher was provided, and thus N5,000,000 is unaccounted for! Other party member present on the stage were forced to turn themselves into emergency ushers to guide the important guest to their seats. For lack of security, thousands of our members were robbed and violence was meted on some of them. The attempts to kill the Badagry LGA chairperson show the anger of our members. Attacks on several ward chairmen for their inability to provide refreshments and mobilization funds at the venue is a pointer that things were technically faulty with the planner. Why wait until after the event to provide refreshments and mobilization.

In fact, mobilization was paid more than 24 hours after the event. Instead of spending monies for their budgeted purpose and ensuring that the event was a success and our members are well taken care of, JANDOR decided to share money amongst committee members and party managers with LGA chairmen, women, and youth leaders receiving N100,000 each. State Working Committee members went home with N250,000 each, while non-working committees received N150,000 each.

We can only imagine how much was shared amongst other leaders across the State to the detriment of holding a successful rally! At N1,000 per head, below is how mobilization was shared amongst some LGAs:1. Agege – N2m 2. Amuwo – N2m 3. Alimosho – N3m 4. Apapa – N1.5m 5. Surulere – N2m 6. Shomolu – N2m 7. Epe – N1.5m8. Ibeju-Lekki – N1m 9. Ifako ijaye 1.5m 10. Lagos mainland – N1.5m 11. Lagos island – N1.5m 12. Ikorodu N1.5m 13. Ikeja – N1.6m 14. Ojo – N2m 15. Kosofe – N2m16. Eti Osa – N2m. 17 Badagry N1.5m 18 Oshodi Isolo N 1.5M 19 Mushin N1.5m 20 Ajeromi 1.5m.

It is shameful that such acts are being perpetrated with threats from APC and the Obidients steering us in the face of Lagos State PDP and we only wonder if there is any future for the party with this caliber of leaders and party managers across the State chapter. It is an indication that we are not ready to win Lagos State and one can only say that if urgent steps are not taken the State has already been lost.

It will indeed be wise to call for the disbandment of Lagos State PDP immediately after the elections until a new crop of selfless, youthful and passionate, and truly elected managers are appointed to revamp the party before we go into extinction! Managers are elected because of their individual capacities and not their attachment to any leader. Fearless, impartial, and independent-minded leaders who will take the party to Eldorado!!!

*We urge all our members across the State with more useful information on the rally to expose these greedy leaders to respond by sending emails to us immediately.

*Lagos State PDP Whistle-Blowerspdpwhistleblowerslagos@gmail.com

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