See the Moment A 20yrs Old Russian Soldier Surrendered And Given Food by the Ukrainians (Photo)

by Fatai Alimi
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A 20 years old Russian soldier who surrendered because he could not bear the pains of himself killing his neighbouring Ukranians has been given a rossy treatment by the Ukrainians.

In a tweet by Anastasiia Lapatina, an Ukarainian journalist with Kyiv Independent, a Russian soldier in his twenties surrendered to the Ukrainian locals, and all he received was a rossy treatment where they allowed him to video-call his mother, after they had initially given him enough tea and food.

Anastasiia noted that thousands of young boys in their early twenties were sent by the government of Russia to die in Ukraine, but because of the Ukrainians’ dignity and and sense humanity, those who decided to surrender among them were welcomed with open hands.

She tweeted thus:

“A Russian soldier surrendered. Ukrainians gave him tea, food, and let him call his mother on video. I want to cry from how much I love my country.”

See below for the tweet:

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