Wife Demands $50,000 from Husband to Have Their First Child

by Fatai Alimi
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A 34 years old husband has raised alarm that his 29 years old wife asked her to pay $50,000 to have thier first child, even as they are spiritually married and own a house together.

The confused man raised this alarm in a long epistle he forwarded to a relationship website www.rareddit.com, detailing his discussion with his wife and thus seeking advice on what to do because he’s presently at crossroads.

In the letter, the man revealed that he has been dating the wife for 6 years, and has now been married for 2 years, although not legally.

They are both high earners, earning over $175k a year after tax. They have a house which they bought with agreed 50-50 contribution, with every other things being done the same way.

The are both independent people and are career driven. The compatibility in their life goals attracted them to eachother in the first place.

The husband noted that they had a discussion to have kids. He wanted the wife to stop using control pills to allow things happen naturally.

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However, the wife’s reply was shocking. She demands that the husband pays her almost $50,000 dollars before she could yield the demand.

The woman has her own reason for such demand, and this is the explanation given by the husband:

“Her work place allows for maternity leave for up to a year, but only provides 50% of her salary for up to 6 months. The remaining 6 months is unpaid. She was very direct, and said that while her insurance would cover the vast majority of hospital related costs during pregnancy and childbirth, taking a 6 month break from work would cost her almost $50,000 since her pay would be cut in half. She is asking me to compensate her for that $50,000.”

The man emphasized that he actually saw the logic in the wife’s submission, but was just really very turned off because she wass essentially asking him to pay her to have thier child or children?

What will you so if you are the husband?

See below for the full story:

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