Osinbajo’s Declaration Shuts The Door of Braggadocio on Those Who Claim the Anointed

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Osinbajo vs Tinubu

The wait has been so long. As if this day will never come again, the Vice-President has dragged his declaration for 2023 presidency to such an extent that many had started thinking he doesn’t have the courage to throw his hat in the ring. But here we are, he has finally declared in the early hours of today.

The declaration of the Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, for the 2023 presidency is perfectly timed. It is a political gimmick that shuts the doors of braggadocio on weak presidential aspirants who go around dropping the name of President Buhari to create an impression that they have been anointed, even though Mr. President has said it times without number that he has not the anointed.

With Osinbajo now on board, Mr President is now left with no option than to watch from the background how every presidential aspirant sells his aspiration to the party delegates to clinch the ticket. We need no soothsayer to explain to us that the APC ticket has now been thrown open.

Let us enjoy how the whole power play unfolds, as we can now sit back and watch the political capacity of each aspirant, and how each one of them employs his political wit, experience and capacity to sell his aspiration to the party

The time has now come to differentiate the contenders from the pretenders, and to separate men from the boys. And as for me, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the best bet.

However, we welcome Mr. Vice President on board with open arms. Now the game begins!!!

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