Tinubu Shall Spring Surprises

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For all those who are in doubt of Tinubu’s ability to deliver all because he is in APC, one thing you have all failed to note is that it is not a political party that will actually develop our country, but the kind of leadership put forward by the party.

Most of the people who have ruled this nation in the past were never prepared for that highest office. They found themselves in the helm of the affairs by circumstances, and that explains their failures. The leadership positions were just thrusted upon some of them by some cabals who were indirectly puling the strings.

Jonathan was not prepared, circumstance brought him; Yaradua was not prepared, Obasanjo just brought him; Obasanjo himself was not prepared, the Northern military cabal installed him.

President Buhari, though prepared, he seemed not to have the economic blueprints to tackle our complex problems.

But I make bold to say that Tinubu is prepared for this responsibility. He has been preparing for decades and I am not in doubt that he already has an economic blueprint to navigate his Administration. I won’t be surprised if he springs surprises.
~ Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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