Inside Details of How Abba Kyari Lands In The NDLEA’s Net.

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The media was agog with the news that Abba Kyari, the embattled police DCP, has been declared wanted by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA for a drug related offence. Aside from the general official declaration of the officer wanted, many details were not provided, leaving many people guessing what might have actually transpired.

However, the NDLEA has made a press release on why Abba Kyari was declared wanted. The detail was provided on the official Twitter handle of the agency and sighted by NewsinNaija.

In the release, Abba Kyari was said to have been involved in a drug deal that involved a cartel that operates the Brazil-Ethiopia-Nigeria illicit drug pipeline and needs to answer questions that crop up in the ongoing drug case in which he is a principal suspect.

The agency stated further that Abba Kyari’s saga started on Friday, January 21, 2022, when he initiated a call to an NDLEA officer informing him that his team intercepted and arrested some drug traffickers that came to Nigeria from Ethiopia with 25kg of cocaine.

Narrating further, Abba Kyari, however, proposed a drug deal to the NDLEA official whereby he (Kyari) and his team were to take 15kg of the seized cocaine and leave 10kg for the prosecution of the suspects arrested with the drug in Enugu. He told the NDLEA official that the 15 kg to be taken by his team would be replaced by another 15kg dummy and that the NDLEA officer should help them persuade men of the FCT command to play along with them.

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The NDLEA officer, having notified the hierarchy of FCT NDLEA command of Abba Kyari’s proposal, was asked by the command to play along with Abba Kyari so as to help them nail him.

After he was granted permission to play along with the suspended police chief around 11:05 am, they both began a WhatsApp call for the rest of the day. He pretended to seriously have interest in the deal.

Following this, Kyari revealed to the officer how the 15kg that have already been taken was shared. He disclosed that the 15kg was shared between him, his men and the informant who provided information for the seizure.

Abba Kyari
Abba Kyari

He noted that the informant was given 7kg while his men took 8kg which has been sold already. Kyari then proposed to pay the anti-graft agency team by selling 5kg out of the remaining 10kg, on their behalf. This will, thereby, reduce the original cocaine left for the prosecutor to just 5kg.

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The suspended police boss explained that the 5kg will be sold for N35m, at the rate of 7m per kg, which would be delivered to the NDLEA team in hard currency on January 24, 2022. He, therefore, mounted pressure on the NDLEA officer to finalize the deal with the Commander of the FCT command to cover up for the drug and suspects from his men who were on ground at Abuja. He was said to have travelled to Lagos for business purposes at the time he was speaking with the officer.

The following day, Kyari told the NDLEA officer that his brother will deliver the payment and he will order his men to bring the suspect as well, but the officer turned down the suggestion. He insisted on dealing with him directly and, therefore resolved to wait till he returned from Lagos.

Kyari was said to have been in Abuja around 5:23 pm and met with the NDLEA officer at the same place where they had the first meeting. While they were discussing, Kyari disclosed to the officer how he got the information about the traffickers from the informant who betrayed them.

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At this point, the NDLEA officer confirmed that there is a sleazy connection between the Kyari and his team with the drug underworld. He further narrated how his acting on a tip-off team departed from Abuja to Enugu and arrested the traffickers. He disclosed how his team removed their share and replaced it with dummies based on his instruction.

Kyari also explained to the officer how to identify the remaining original cocaine which would be delivered to the anti-graft agency, noting that 5 packages would be marked with a red dot. He explained further that the reason for this was to avoid the dummies being subjected to test and later sent to the officer the picture of the marked original cocaine package. He added:

“Once the 5kg cocaine has been tested in the presence of the suspects and confirmed positive, there would be no need to test the remaining one, being dummies.”

The suspended police chief also took along with him the payment (N35m) of the 5kg sold by him on behalf of the anti-graft agency, as he was proposed by him. The NDLEA officer, however, told Kyari that he would prefer to take the money inside his car, which unknowingly to him, has been wired with sound and video recorders.

This was what led to the agency’s decision to invite the suspended police boss on February 10 but he opted not to honour their invitation. The anti-graft agency, however, has no option but to declare him wanted.

Following the public announcement made by the NDLEA, Suspended DCP, Abba Kyari and four of his men, ACP Sunday J. Ubua, ASP Bawa James, Inspector Simon Agirgba and Inspector John Nuhu, were handed over to the anti-graft agency by the Nigerian Police Force.

Reports suggested that he was bundled with the aforementioned four others by the operatives of the NPF to the NDLEA’s Headquarters and handed them over to the anti-graft agency.

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