Opinion: Why Sunday Igboho Should Charge DSS To Court First.

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Igboho addressing his followers.

It came as a shock to every good citizen of Nigeria, especially those from the Yoruba descendant when the news of the attack by The Department of Security Services (DSS), on the residence of the Yoruba activist and Traditionalist, Oloye Sunday Igboho popularly known as Sunday Igboho hit the media space.

Sunday Igboho, even though, he’s agitating for the creation of Yoruba Nation, has never engaged in any violence or causes crisis in any part of the country, he has never launched an attack on any government properties or fight the government in any way. He rather fought to ensure the protection of his people who are being terrorised by the Fulani herdsmen – A fight for which he got credits from every reasonable Yoruba people both home and in the diaspora!

It has never been said anywhere or found in Nigeria Constitution that parading people to engage in peaceful rallies or protest seek or demand what is right, according to their opinions, is a criminal offence, yet DSS launched an attack on Sunday Igboho’s residence, terrorised him, killed his family and friends and destroyed his properties, without a prior invitation to which he denied.

Although, the DSS according to reports by many Nigerian credible news outlets, said its agency acted based on intelligence that Igboho “had stockpiled arms in his house” which he wants to be used to undermine the government directives, but this is clear to all and sundry that the claim is just a lie cooked up by the DSS to implicate the good man that is fighting for his people.

This, however, leads to a suggestion that Sunday Igboho needs to sue the DSS in order to to avoid his name from being painted red by this so-called security agency that wreaked havoc on his house in the middle of the night like a thief without any prior notice or search warrant.

He needs to act fast and appeal to the reputable Yoruba human rights lawyers to ruse up and fight for him as he represents the Yoruba symbol of hope.

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Sunday Igboho has every chance to defeat the DSS in the court of law as there is no evidence that proves that the arms and ammunition displayed by the security agency are truly gotten from his home.

Apart from that, attacking the residence of someone that has never been charged with any criminal offence before in the middle of the night without providing any warrant, called for serious criticism, from both the good of the people of the country as well as international communities.

This, therefore, portrayed Sunday Igboho as the prospective winner of the case against the DSS should he act fast to charge the agency to court before he’s being implicated any further.

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This is my opinion and I hope some other people would agree with me that it is unjust of the security agency to do such a thing to Sunday igboho who has never killed anybody or committed any crime during any of his campaigns for the creation of Yoruba Nation.

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