TINUBU: We Will All Pay For Demonizing Nigeria By Fatai Alimi

by Fatai Alimi
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Tinubu Vs Peter Obi

The Peter Obi’s UK incident should be a lesson. It is an indication that not everyone who gets robbed up in an allegation is actually guilty. Peter Obi was detained in the UK on the account of impersonation; yes! he was detained for hours and then got deported for an offence or offences, he, probably, wasn’t guilty of. But all the same, the deed was done. His arrest, detention and deportation was a mission accomplished for those who planned it.

Looking from the same prism the Tinubu’s supposed US drug trafficking case, where he was not found guilty, but only had to forfeit a certain amount of $460,000 in tax of some of the funds in some of his bank accounts after much scrutiny, one could not but conclude that Tinubu knew nothing about the drug trafficking offence, but was only got framed with the case.

But his traducers are saying all those of rubbish about him in the name of politics – politics of bitterness targeted at carelessly ridiculing the personality of the President-elect of the most populous African Nation without considering the adverse effect of such blackmail on the image of the Nation which produced him.

The embarrassment and damage have been done and will happen again because the system WILL flag his name in the future. However, everybody will pay the price for disgracing Nigeria on the international stage.

Calling Nigeria President-Elect all sorts of names, thinking they are shaming him and not the Nation that produced him, will always have a way of telling on everyone of us. We are all in it together and we will all pay for it at a point in time.

This is a reminder to all those demonising their country outside Nigeria, thinking they have dual nationality. You will all have to pay, because no matter what may be your status in the new country you so much attach yourself, you will always be second-class citizens, if not third, for as much as you are still black.

This is like a black supporting a white racist using derogatory words to describe his fellow blacks, thinking he’s different, sooner or later, they will use the exact derogatory comments toward him. If you tag yourself cheap, nobody will tag you expensive. If you portray your parents as useless, everybody will see them as worthless. If you describe your country in derogatory terms, they will treat you as such.

The world is watching and the internet will never forget.

~ Alimi Ibn Fattykolly

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