Tinubu: Fayose’s Travail And What Sowore, Other Nescient Youths Should Learn

by Fatai Alimi
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It may interest you to know that Ayo Fayose was at the forefront of the campaign against President Buhari’s perceived indisposition in the build-up to 2105 general elections. He championed those mocking Buhari’s health in 2015, likening the President to his old mother who then was using pampers. In his burning rage to insult the personality of the president and thus demarket him, he ended up insulting his own mother too. What a pity!

But up till today, Buhari is still the president of Nigeria and looking even more healthier than in 2015. The Daura-born General is hale and hearty; Gboin-gboin loke, Oke gboin-gboin, as my Yoruba elders would say.

But the greatest of the lessons was learnt a couple of weeks ago when Fayose himself was seen writhing in pains after he went under the knives in a surgery that could have led to anything. At that material time that Fayose was in pains, Buhari, who was mocked of ill health and was expected to die before now, was in Aso villa eating some well prepared suya meat with a sparkling wine. Everyone is glad that Fayose survived the surgery, but someone else may not have been that lucky, and that is why the most unpredictable thing in human life is your health. Only a dolt mocks someone else on that account, because in the next minute, only God knows what may become of anyone.

This takes me to some youths of nowadays who do not look within there homes, but only find fun with mocking the health of Bola Tinubu, thinking they may demarket him on that account. When I think about them, Omoyele Sowore seems to be the first name in mind. He is a Yoruba man, but he seems too immature, irresponsible, unprofessional and uncouth for the office he is seeking for. He seem like someone who was not properly brought up with good moral virtue. He missed it all and I doubt if he will ever become Nigeria’s president.

Those of us who love Tinubu could not be dissuaded with the garment of ill health worn on him by his transducers. To us, such pettiness and triviality around his health do not hold waters. We love him for his brains, capability and his track records of achievements. We value and really respect him for his leadership qualities and the practical things we had seen him done with power.

Unlike those who are merely infatuated with the outright lies, rhetorics, systemic mind game and the coordinated throwing around of false and empty statistical figures by their preferred candidates, Asiwaju has once been on the field of play and greatly delivered. He is passionately loved for being real and practical; and we believe he truly has all it takes to lead the nation out of the woods.

There are no gullible followers of Tinubu because we have solid reasons for considering him the best, what we do have are gullible haters who only dwell on beer-parlour gossips they heard and assumed about him as the basis for their hatred. But in all, Tinubu will triumph. The ink is dry and the pen has been lifted; no matter what you think, Bola, the son of Tinubu, is Nigeria’s next president insha Allah. Who are you to even stop the work of God? Eyin omo wewewe yii, E lo sagbeje mowo!!

According to Yul Edochie, those who mock an elder’s health may not grow to see old age. You may take it as a joke, but that is the bitter truth. If you are one of them, that is your problem.

You may go irate from now till eternity, Tinubu-Shettima’s presidency is here and real. They are unstoppable.

~ Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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