The Ground Squirrel Escaped, And the Hunter Also Lost His Cutlass

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Above is a popular Yoruba wise saying illustrating a situation whereby somebody suffers double loss.

That aptly describes the present situation of Atikulooters and their younger brothers and sisters, O’bingos on the Cash Confiscation Policy and the Presidential Election.

On a normal day, they dislike PMB and everything he represents. They even denied the construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge until it became undeniable and even at that, they said that the bridge is not high enough to allow the Titanic sailing under it.

They said he died in 2017 and when he arrived Nigeria in August of that year and started recuperating, they said that it’s a cloned Jubril from Sudan.

But when immediately the Cash Confiscation started taking its toll on the people of Nigeria, they embraced him. They knew that the ruling party and its candidate were in trouble.

They said that it’s the best thing after slice bread.

They said that truly he has integrity – integrity they’ve spent all their adult life rubbishing.

They called us desperadoes.

They called us vote buyers or vote sellers depending on who was rating us at a given time.

They smelt blood and they must do everything to win. Lol

And so they were ready to go hungry with no pocket money for their innocent school children or money to pay offerings. They saw all as sacrifice to make to have an election whose votes will not be bought and so automatically Tinubu will lose.

They endured the hardship and defended it. 😝

But election came and they lost.

The ground squirrel has escaped.

No cash to access three weeks after Tinubu has won.

The cutlass they were using to pursue the squirrel got lost.

Tomorrow, they’ll go to the bank to queue for the cash they said we didn’t need.

And on Sunday, they won’t go to church but queue again for cash while Tinubu’s Certificate of Return is in a vault while he himself is in France where nobody spends Naira.

© Sunday Wale Adeniran

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