Two Deaths From Provoked Accidents That Could Have Been Avoided

by Fatai Alimi
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This world is uncertain; uncertain because death comes knocking most especially when no one expected. Some people, who wake up fine and healthy in the morning, could be pronounced dead before evening; and in most of these circumstances that lead to their deaths, we are always helpless as humans; meaning we often couldn’t help to avert it.

But even at this, some of the deaths are avoidable, most especially those caused by provoked accidents. When I say provoked accident, you know what it means: It is by way of arguments, rage, recklessness, claiming of rights, which ordinarily ensue like a normal misunderstanding between two or more people, but eventually leads to catastrophe.

And this is why we need to be careful whenever we are using the road. We need to ensure we always avoid getting into a moment of fury, argument or rage with anyone, because we never can tell where that will lead us.

Many people you see plying the road are devils in human skin. You can’t imagine the amount of damage some of them can do to your life.

This December alone, we have had two of such instances: One, a man in the picture below who crushed a victim with his car, reversed back and ensure his victim was dead before zooming off; and two, a trigger-happy police officer who shot a female, expectant lawyer dead right in front of her other children.

I don’t want to bore your audience with the stories of the two incidences again because they are all in the public spaces, but the fact remains that both deaths stemmed from what I termed provoked accidents, which ordinarily were avoidable if those involved had taken a bit of precaution.

Patience is a virtue; it can save you a lot of problems. It can even save your life from the army of devilish souls wandering the surface of heart in human skin, and who are ready to kill at the slightest provocation. When you are stopped to be checked by gun-wieding security operatives, obey them at all cost, because doing otherwise may be costlier. And most importantly, avoid getting into hot arguments with them.

Let us all be careful in our day-to-day running.. A ni pade awon alagbako ati awon oloriburuku o. Amin!!!

© Alimi Ibn Fattykolly

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