Putin Presently Facing Serious Military Humiliation As Soldiers Revolt.

by Fatai Alimi
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VLADIMIR Putin, the president of Russia, is reportedly facing serious humiliation as the Russia military appear to revolting against his invasion of Ukraine, and thousands of them are now downing weapons in solidarity with Ukraine.

According to a report by Express UK, while soldiers in their thousands appeared to be revolting, government employees are also resigning their appointments in total disgust at the invasion of Ukraine.

It should be recalled that Putin ordered a special military operation in Ukraine on Thursday by unleashing his forces on his western inclined neighbour. This did not seem to go down well with some of the Russian soldiers and civilians as well who had since been protesting against the invasion.

Even apart from the internal opposition being experienced by the Russian leader, Ukraine has also lived up to expectation by giving Russia a fierce and brave resistance. Both the Ukrainian Army and Civilian Militias have put up brave resistance even as the country appear to have suffered heavy losses.

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Russian Soldiers

Nonetheless, there have been reports that thousands of Russian Soldiers are now willingly dropping their weapons and refusing to fight their neighbouring country.

In a tweet by Taras Kuzio, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, today, Russian soldeirs are now said to be revolting.

The tweet read: “Ukrainian News Channel 24: 5,000 Russian soldiers in staging area in Russia, north of Kharkiv have revolted and refusing to attack Ukraine.”

Kuzio also added: “Earlier report from front lines around Crimea is 1/2 of Russian soldiers turned over equipment to the Ukrainians, again refusing to fight.”

These two tweets are pointing to the fact that all is not well in Putin’s camp as soldiers are not in high spirit to fight.

There have been numerous videos sighted on social media showing Russian soldiers being captured or willingly surrendering and being interrogated by their captors. All these are indisputable indications that all is not well with Russia at the moment.

In some of the videos, the young Russian soldiers appeared to be totally demoralised and not in the mood to attack or fight. Some of them even claimed that their superiors had merely told them that they were taking part in standard military exercises.

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