Dave Umahi is 100 Times Better Than Peter Obi, Tweep Set Twitter on Fire For Saying This.

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A tweep, who goes by the name Duke of Nigeria, has set the internet on fire for saying that the Ebonyi state governor, Dave Umahi, who is also an APC presidential aspirant, is one hundred times better than Peter Obi who was the vice presidential candidate to Abubakar Atiku in 2019 presidential election.

This assertion by Duke of Nigeria seems not to go down well with some Twitter users who instantly attacked him, and asked him to provide his evidence for saying so.

In their attack, a tweep who seem to be a supporter of Peter Obi, lampooned Duke of Nigeria, saying people like Duke is the reason the country is not progressing. He said,
“People like u are why we are down. 1 million Naira is 2 k dollars and you seem to be emotional in the choice of a president. What we need is competence not some flyover building with the highest poverty rate in his state in The SE. We need a competent leader”

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However, Duke didn’t waste time to reply the tweep, demanding him to give ten factual reasons why Peter Obi is a better leader. Duke emphasized that the Administration of Peter Obi as Anambra state governor was marred by Anambra’s resident medical doctors twelve months industrial strike action as a result of the poor condition of service, and State owned University groaning for lack of funds, while Peter Obi allegedly embarked on auto bonanza and bribery. See the screenshots of the evidence provided by him below:

The argument went on and on, as each party continued arguing for their preferred leader and the other party arguing against it.

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This seems to be a necessary comparison, considering the fact that the two political leaders may likely be proposing to become the President of Nigeria. So, from your own perspective, may I also throw it to you that between Dave Umahi and Peter Obi, who do you think is better?

See below for some of the tweets:

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