How Osinbajo Was Compensated for Discriminating Against Christendom, Appointing Only RCCG Members Into Significant Positions and Neglecting Other Churches

by Fatai Alimi
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Yemi Osinbajo

Christendom historically refers to the Christian world. It is one large family that comprises of different churches of diverse christian denominations, and working for a common purpose of winning souls for the Lord. The Winners, The Apostolic, Deeper Life, The C&S and The Celestial Church to mention just but few are all under one umbrella of the christian body, and should be seen as one big family without any discrimination.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo is an RCCG pastor, who, by the grace of the Lord, got nominated as the Vice-President of Nigeria on a platter of gold. He has been in that capacity for around seven years now, and one would have thought that he would represent the unity of the christian body, but sadly, he is not. He seems to have taken only his church, the RCCG on the head, inadvertently or intentionally blessing only his church members with juicy appointments and recommendations, and neglecting members of other churches in a brazen display of sheer favouritism. To Osinbajo, his political office is an opportunity to promote the supremacy of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) over other churches.

But Osinbajo himself is not a product of religious fanatism and favouritism. He was made by people who had liberal political and religious views; people who do not limit their desire to help and lift others to the parochial mentality of ‘he is my church member.’ In actual fact, “every political position he has ever occupied in his life has been facilitated by Yoruba Muslims (i.e., Prince Bola Ajibola and Bola Tinubu).” These are the people who help others without using religion as a yardstick. They do so, taking into consideration only merit, capacity and experience.

But after rising to power, every significant position Osinbajo has had an opportunity to facilitate was given to an RCCG member, neglecting even other churches within the Christendom. To him, only RCCG pastors and members are the most qualified, others are not.

I cannot just make this allegation without providing valid evidences, else I will appear as if I am only casting aspersion on his personality due to some sorts of hatred. But below are valid evidences starring us at the face and begging for adequate explanations.

“In 2015, when he was given an opportunity to nominate a minister, he presented Okechukwu Enelamah, an RCCG pastor, who became Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment until 2019. His spokesperson, Laolu Akande, was an RCCG pastor in New York. Like many RCCG pastors in the U.S., he relocated to Nigeria to feed fat on the Pentecostal paradise that Osinbajo has created for his kind.”

The list is long, but I will take my time to table them all.

“As Vice President, Osinbajo is in charge of the economy, and all the major appointments he has influenced in government agencies under the economy have been given to RCCG pastors. For example, when he was asked to nominate a chairman for the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), he nominated Babatunde Fowler, an RCCG pastor.
How about the Director General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE)? You guessed right: another RCCG pastor by the name of Alex Ayoola Okoh. When it came time to appoint someone to be MD and CEO of Nigeria’s Bank of Industry (BOI), guess again who Osinbajo nominated. Yep, another RCCG pastor by the name of Olukayode Pitan who has turned the BOI into an RCCG church.

“There’s currently tension in Ogbomoso because Osinbajo influenced the imposition of an RCCG pastor by the name of Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye as the new Soun of Ogbomoso. Olaoye is an RCCG pastor in Maryland, USA. And Osinbajo has been accused of hatching another plot to impose an RCCG pastor as the Akinrun of Ikirun

If I may ask, is RCCG the only church in Nigeria? The answer is obvious! However, the man of God never saw members of other churches as worthy and having the capacity to occupy anything.

He would later be compensated with the creation of Political department by the RCCG to forge ahead his 2023 presidential ambition. If the RCCG is also now setting up a political department in his favour, whether he is the one who instigated it or he isn’t, the handwriting on the wall has suggested that the church is now invariably laying claims to him. It should be remembered that on two occasions that Nigerians freely voted for his candidacy with Buhari, no church came out to set any political department, and even at that, everyone voted without taking any church or religion into consideration.

Is this the kind of leader that we want come 2023? I leave the rest to the court of the masses to decide. After all, you have your constitutional rights to decide who you want on your own volition.

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