Russia Versus Ukraine and NATO: How a Husband Explained the Crisis to His Inquisitive Wife Without Having to Sweat.

by Fatai Alimi
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The crisis emanating between Russia, Ukraine and NATO has been a subject of discussion in the past few days, with individuals and countries taking sides depending on their perspectives to the crisis.

While a larger population of people feel that Russia has no justification to attack a sovereign nation only because they have decided to join a military alliance known as NATO, some are of the opinion that Ukraine’s decision to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a direct attack on Russia, as it amounts to an attempt by Ukraine to surround Russia with the enemies.

I am not here to judge who is right or wrong. Of course, I am not even in the position to do so. However, many analysts have argued for and against the actions of each countries. The fact that they support one party or the other in the crisis has provided no positive resolution to the crisis. Apart from the unnecessary accusations and counter accusations flying in the media, the war still continues and properties and lives get destroyed on daily basis.

This leads me to the conversation between a husband and wife on Russia/Ukraine crisis, and how the husband managed to explain to his wife why Russia may not be completely blamed for just waking up one day and started bombarding Ukraine for the decision to join NATO.

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The husband explained that before they went to bed one night, his wife called him and said to him: “This Russia is such a bad country, If Ukraine wants to join NATO, it is their business and freedom. Russia has no right to intervene, this is just an excuse for Russia to invade Ukraine, and it is very wrong.” The husband didn’t utter a word, he just went to the kitchen and took out a knife to the bedside, and then said to the wife, “Let’s go to sleep.”

The husband continues, “My wife looked at me with her wide eyes: What the heck are you doing, sleeping with a knife beside me?” She became restless and immediately losing interest in sleeping! The husband consoled her, saying “do not worry my dear, let’s go to sleep. Besides, sleeping with a knife is none of your business and it is my freedom.”

Without wasting much time to think, the wife replied, “How can I sleep when you are sleeping beside me with a knife? What if you wake up at the dead of the night and accidentally cut me?”

Then the husband replied, “that is exactly the issue with Russians feeling uncomfortable that Ukrainians are trying to join NATO.” He continued, “if you, as my wife, don’t even trust me to sleep beside you with a knife, how can you expect Russia to trust Ukraine joining NATO, an enemy military organization?” The husband concluded that “Me sleeping with a knife is like Ukraine joining the NATO.”

What a simple and direct explanation!

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