TINUBU’S PRESIDENCY: Yoruba May Need to Wait for Another 32 Years for Such Opportunity

by Fatai Alimi
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It is time for all of us who are of Yoruba origin to reflect on the opportunity that God has bestowed upon us in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and thus have a rethink for the sake of our collective interests The way the ndigbos are rallying round Peter Obi calls for concern as we still have some Yorubas attacking Tinubu’s personality while we should have ordinarily given him our unconditional support.

I pray to God to open the heart of Yorubas to know the value of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his life time. It seems some of our people still don’t know that Asiwaju is the pride of the southwest and a very powerful political leader who has built bridges across geo-political zones to put Yoruba in the pole position to have another shot at the presidency. What he has done is not easy considering the fact that the SE have not even produced president since 1966.

Although some of us are of the opinion that the SE should also be given the opporrunity, but were betrayed by the very party they have supported since 1999. APC is not even the enemy here. Tinubu is not the SE enemy either. APC only paid back the SouthWest for their loyalty and commtment to the party. But what did PDP do? How has the PDP paid back the loyalty and support of the South East since 1999. I think Identiying the real enemy of the SE is crucial for you to know who to attack. SE need to consider a serious political re-alignment like the one orchestrated by Tinubu for the South-West. That is the only way to win in politics and not by ranting.

Today we all praise Chief Obafemi Awolowo when he has gone beyond the veil. His good intentions for the entire Nation were open secret, but he was not allowed to implement them as he couldn’t get a hold of the needed political power. Today, every politician in Yoruba Land pays tribute to him, even though he has gone before we know him.

Let us know Tinubu and see the good intentions he has for Nigerians now that he is around. He has worked tirelessly all these years, and he has never been this close to the exalted office of the Presidency. He is prepared and has the intellectual capacity to turn things around.

If some of us are craving for Yoruba Nation and we now have the opportunity of Yoruba presidency, isn’t it better than none? A case of a bird at hand which is worth two in the bush. We cannot afford to miss our chance to produce another President as such opportunity may not come again until the next 32 years

~ Alimi Ibn Fattykolly

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