Osinbajo: Nigeria Needs A Liberal Personality As A Leader, Not A Religious Fanatics

by Fatai Alimi
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Yemi Osinbajo

Yemi Osinbajo is introducing a very dangerous dimesion into our liberal politics. He is inadvertently or intentionally giving politics some religious colouration that may set a very dangerous precedence into the polity.

Osinbajo is one man who was made by Muslims. Every political position he has ever occupied in life has been facilitated by Yoruba Muslims (i.e., Prince Bola Ajibola and Bola Tinubu). But after rising to power, every consequential position he has had an opportunity to facilitate was given to an RCCG member.

In 2015, when he was given an opportunity to nominate a minister, he presented Okechukwu Enelamah, an RCCG pastor, who became Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment until 2019. His spokesperson, Laolu Akande, was an RCCG pastor in New York. Like many RCCG pastors in the U.S., he relocated to Nigeria to feed fat on the Pentecostal paradise that Osinbajo has created for his kind. Another example was when he was asked to nominate a chairman for the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), he nominated Babatunde Fowler, an RCCG pastor. The list is long, but I will stop here.

If I may ask, is RCCG the only church in Nigeria? The answer is obvious! But the man of God was even discriminating against his fellow christians.

If the RCCG is also now setting up a political department in his favour, whether he is the one who instigated it or he isn’t, the handwriting on the wall has suggested that the church is now invariably laying claims to him. It should be remembered that on two occasions that Nigerians freely voted for his candidacy with Buhari, no church came out to set any political department, and even at that, everyone voted without taking any church or religion into consideration

What I can see, some seem not to see. Politics is better practised without religious interference. But if Osinbajo’s inordinate ambition succeeds in driving our politics into this religion mess, the end result may be suicidal. For some of us who could think out of the box, all I know is that this is coming back to hunt everyone. And the effect may be disastrous at the end.

I only pray he doesn’t shut the doors of opportunities to many who are coming behind him. We need a liberal man to lead Nigeria, not a religious fanatic.

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