Nobody Is Stressed By Osinbajo’s Declaration, We Only Feel Pity For The Political Novice

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Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

By Fatai Olukola Alimi

He was originally not a politician to a fault; he had never even stood in for a common local government election. He might have served in a different capacity under the master, but not as a practical politician. Nonetheless he found favour with the master and he single-handedly recommended him for the second highest political office in the land. What an uncommon grace!!

Just like we all saw him as an embodiment of moral uprightness, integrity and self-discipline, being an ordained pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), so also the master saw him, and he felt he could be trusted.

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The story is dated back to 2015 when the master was in alliance with the present Commander-in-Chief. The agreement initially favoured the master to be the second in command, but there came a controversial circumstance — the strange impossibility of a Muslim-Muslim ticket — which forced the master to shelve his ambition and thrust it upon his favoured political associate and confidant, a professor of Law, believing that another opportunity of his would come after the political son might have completed his two-term eight years tenure as the second in command. And with a large heart, the master waited patiently for his time — good long eight years on the pipeline.

Fast forward to over seven years after, the master declared his intention to resuscitate his life-long ambition that has been hanging in the air for years, and that was when the political son decided to call the bluff of the master.

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I know some of you would argue that he is a professor of Law, and so the master could not be credited with making him politically. But statistics have it as at the year 2019 that over 11,877 Nigerians are professors. But they are simply classroom teachers who have never been Vice-president. What a grace on the part of Prof. Osinbajo.

Go to OAU, UI, ABU and other citadels of learning, there are so many Professors everywhere in Nigeria. But how many of them are Vice president of Nigeria overnight? Only those who didn’t follow the event of 2015, and how Tinubu submitted only Osinbajo’s name when he was asked to actually submit 3 possible names for his own replacement would call this a fallacy.

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To the utter chagrin of all politcal observers, the man who, as a matter of integrity and moral responsibility, was expected to reciprocate the uncommon trust reposed in him by his master, just suddenly got consumed by the tempting allure of political power, and then decided to wrestle the master’s ambition away from him. As the master was planning to pursue his ambition, the oliver twist was also planning to elevate himself to the first position and thus perpetuate himself in power for another eight years to make it 16 years in power.

But the master is smarter. He is such a political sage who never lowers his guard not even for a seconds. So, he isn’t bothered by the timely backstabbing and betrayal by his own political son because, as the master strategist, he prepares for all long before they happen. We the follower aren’t bothered also because the betrayer is just only a paperweight politician as far as APC party politics is concerned, but we are definitely surprised.


APC’S 2023 presidential flagbearer is going to emerge through a primary. The primary is not an election where you and I will have a say, it is purely party politics where national delegates decide it all. The truth is that If Tinubu’s shadow is placed against him, don’t you think the shadow will floor the Abuja politician? And that is why the only thing we have for him is not of stress, but rather of pity and disappointment.

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How do we describe a pastor who teaches morals of how not to be an ingrate in the church doing the same thing himself? That is not only pitiable, but extremely ridiculous, and would make some of us see him as a man who only hides his chameleon-like traits under the guise of religion. That is why we feel slighted, it is also why we appear to make a lot of noise. Our objection is not because he poses any threat to the master, but just of a pity for the political novice.

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gbenga adebisi April 12, 2022 - 7:01 am

If you are not stressed then you wouldn’t have bothered about writing him. God rules in the affairs of men. Your stress is still warming up


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