Is Tinubu Our Problem? By Fatai Alimi

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Sometimes I wonder the kind of people we are! We are extremely wicked people with little or no fear of God. Honestly, that is what we are.

Can you imagine? At the sniff of an information that the Federal government returned some adulterated fuel, several petrol stations across the country only smelt an impending petrol scarcity and, at the speed of light, they started locking up their stations one after the other to create artificial scarcity that would propel them into selling at higher prices, and thus maximizing their profits. Yet these are the people who, at every opportunity, would blame the government for everything. Worse still, some even blame Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for the woes of the nation.

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But the fact remains that everyone of us contributed to the supposed failure of our system. Looking around us for instance, how far have our states been developed by our governors? But even though we have non-performing state governors who squander our monthly shares of the federal allocations, we still put all blames on Buhari and, ridiculously, on Tinubu.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The latest trend of blame-shifting is more on Tinubu, perhaps to impugn his presidential ambition. But as for me, I believe in the leadership ability of Asiwaju. I believe Tinubu’s unusual native intelligence and strategic thinking will be very useful in taking the nation out of the woods. Jagaban will provide the kind of right leadership that Nigeria has been lacking for a very long time. That is my view!

However, If you have a contrary opinion and you think you know of anyone aside from him, who can provide us with the right kind of leadership, may you kindly say it right here. Else, it is silly if all you do is just to keep ranting and complaining.

Fatai Olukola Alimi

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