RussiaUkraineWar: Another Russian’s Strike Hits Kyiv TV Tower, Cuts Broadcasts

by Opeyemi Alimi
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Kyiv's Television Tower

Russia has reportedly launched a fresh airstrike on Ukraine.

The apparent Russian airstrike is said to have hit Kyiv’s main television tower in the heart of the Capital City of Ukraine which destroyed some state broadcasting. It was gathered that the structure is still intact.

Reports confirmed that smoke was seen rising in the Babi Yar district after the blast sounded around the city.

According to the interior ministry, the equipment had been damaged and “channels won’t work for a while”.

While AFP journalists confirmed the tower is still standing despite the attack, a thick cloud of smoke swirling out of the tower is shown in a photograph distributed by the interior ministry.

The ministry noted that programming would be restored once the backup systems are put into operation.

It was earlier released by the spokesman of the Russian defence ministry, a statement that confirmed that Moscow’s forces would hit technological infrastructure in Kyiv “to suppress information attacks on Russia”.

The spokesman cited the SBU security service and the army psychological operations unit but the airstrike hit the civilian run television in the capital which he did not mention.

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